Mark WONG Cheuk-wing, Kathy 黃 倬詠

The Grass is Bluer
by the Sea

by Lee Chi-leung 李智良

Exist Random Press 出版

尺寸為 24 x 18 cm
限量印刷 200本

“If pictures tell us anything, it only tells the insurmountable distance between the camera and what is photographed. The gaze is always a lack. The world that seduces the gaze is a Trompe-l'œil. The Grass is Bluer by the Sea feigns no stories or humanist connection. And if we can't tell a concrete wall from a beach, a flower from a face, or representations from lives that's because we swoon and fell asunder, as we are being unborn in permanent dispossession, in exorbitant speed.

The sad truth is that we are long disembodied by technologies of surveillance and an all-seeing culture that punishes us with mere appearances, the more we see the less we would relate, and everyone is nobody's anybody. My pictures are first and foremost accidental, like a remnant vision of somebody who tries to look awry in the near-automatic movements dictated by the capitalistic destruction of places and subjects. But there won't be a fathomable “we” unless perhaps, in a language yet to come.”

Lee Chi-leung. 2018