Mark WONG Cheuk-wing, Kathy 黃 倬詠
Commissioned to create key visual for a screening event - Image Bite.
A series of video art work will be screening at 8 different restaurants at North Point. 

Presented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by Oi!
In Partnership with Videotage

Participating Artists:Chan Ka-chi / Chilai Howard Cheng / Choi Sai-ho / Silas Fong / Kwan Sheung Chi / Kongkee / Lee Kwok-wai / Mak Ying-tung / Mak Siu-fung / Tang Kwok-hin / Tsui Ka-hei / Wong Ping / Yip Man-hay / Thomas Yuen /
Yeung Ching-man

Screening Curated by:Dr. Isaac Leung